Commercial Installations

Task Energy Solutions provides top of the line services to commercial enterprises seeking to invest in updated electrical systems. We listen to our customer’s needs, both in terms of energy and finances, and meticulously create a solution that adequately fulfills these areas. Our Denver electrical contractors install the best electrical options to ensure you are taking full advantage of the technology available today.


As a business owner, it is important to make decisions that benefit your company in the long term, as well as in the short term. The decision to invest in a new electrical system for your organization is one that can pay off in both time frames.

Consider incorporating solar to your electrical setup if you are already upgrading your system. The cost of solar energy, both in terms of materials and installation, have come down dramatically in the last ten years. Some studies estimate the cost of materials to have been reduced by up to 73% and the cost of installation to have come down by as much as 50%. This means that solar is becoming a much more accessible option for businesses to utilize. The typical return on investment time, with tax rebates and incentives factored in, is anywhere from five to eight years. In terms of short term advantages, using solar energy is a terrific marketing tool to have at your disposal. Customers are more likely to support a company that is utilizing sustainable energy, making the switch to solar a win-win scenario for your business. As society becomes more environmentally conscious, this can become a key feature within all of your marketing material.


If your business is considering installing a new roof for your building or getting started on a remodel, there’s no better time to invest in efficient electrical components. Our electrical contractors will be able to asses your businesses needs and determine how to best rewire or reconfigure your electrical system during your remodel. It is the most efficient way to incorporate major changes to your space without prolonging the work itself. It is similar to when you have multiple parts of your car fixed by a mechanic at the same time, the overall time of the entire job is lessened in the long run - and saves you time as well. 


Many factors affect your office or building's energy efficiency, including the age and state of the overall system and wiring. If your system is old and out of date, chances are you are spending more on electricity than is necessary. Not all businesses here in Colorado use updated systems for things like heating and cooling, electricity, or gas, and improving upon these can ultimately lead to a lesser cost year over year - which reimburses the cost of electrical work with time.

Task Energy Solutions is confident that by choosing to use our services, you will receive the best electrical solutions on the market with the highest quality service. If your business is seeking to take advantage of the many benefits offered by a more efficient electrical system, contact us today.