Panel Upgrades

Upgrading Your Solar System

There are many reasons to consider upgrading your solar energy system. The technology advancements that have been made to solar panel technology over the past ten years are significant. If you are looking to increase your solar energy capacity, Task Energy Solutions offers ways to improve and expand your existing system. Let our experienced Denver electrical contractors upgrade your setup by installing the best solar panels available on the market.

Upgrading Your Solar Array

If your current solar array is ten years or older, you are likely using an inefficient system that is not converting as much solar energy as newer panels can. Newer technology can convert a larger amount of energy using smaller setups. More recent panels also tend to be less bulky - and with less components than older technology, meaning the installation process is much faster than it was in years past.

Add to Your Existing Setup

Perhaps you are not looking to replace your existing panels, and instead are interested in adding additional panels to your setup. Our electricians can work with you on your desired outcome, which could mean adding additional panels, installing new batteries, or looking into other ways to improve the efficiency of your current setup. If you are looking to add panels to your existing system, our technicians may recommend installing a new power inverter as well. According to Home Power magazine, if a new power inverter is necessary, it is a good idea to install one with increased power capacity, which will make adding more panels to your array an easier task.

What Are the Benefits of Microinverters?

The recent development of microinverters is something to consider in regards to improving the efficiency of your solar energy system. Microinverters are miniaturized inverters that are fitted onto each individual solar panel. Traditional systems have one single large converter for all panels in the system, which can create a variety of issues. First, the high voltage direct current produced by a series string solar power system can be a fire risk, as the system can run at a much higher temperature. While highly unlikely, this is something to consider in the overall scheme of things. Microinverters can also allow you to install new panels one by one, adding a new microinverter with each additional panel.

Additionally, if you experience any shading issues with your panels, such as unexpected environmental shading from bird droppings or other obstructions that reduce efficiency, the efficiency of all panels will be affected under a system with a single large converter. With a microinverter, each panel’s production potential is independent of one another. Another added benefit of installing microinverters is that you will be better able to monitor where potential inefficiencies are occurring within the system, making for any necessary repairs a much easier process.

If you are a homeowner and are looking for the most efficient residential solar panels available, our licensed electrical contractors can help you find the setup that meets both your energy needs and your budget. If you are looking to upgrade your current solar energy system, contact Task Energy Solutions today.