New Construction

If you are in the process of building or planning to build a new home or commercial development, our electricians can assist you with complete design, install and permitting services.


Choosing to make energy a priority in the building phase allows contractors to maximize the potential for avenues of reducing output. Analyzing environmental factors surrounding the space will allow for the best possible outcomes when it comes to energy production or usage. For those entering the process of a renovation, it is the perfect time to ensure your home or business is outfitted with the most up-to-date technologies in the electrical industry. 

By including solar energy in your construction plan, your home or business can be designed to effectively utilize the benefits of solar in the most efficient way possible. In fact, installing solar panels during the initial construction process is likely the best time to make the switch to solar, if that is part of a long term goal.


Although your home or office design does not need to be built entirely around your electrical system, incorporating it into your plans will ultimately save you time and money. Not having the most efficient electrical system built into a construction blueprint can present problems later that make it more difficult to fully take advantage of your new space's features. Additionally, certain fixtures and technology could require very particular arrangements in terms of power, so it is best to review your plan with an expert electrician before making your final decisions. Choosing the correct building materials from the start will reduce headaches regarding the installation of your new features as well as your electrical system upgrades.

Let the team at Task Energy Solutions handle your power grid from start to finish. Not only will they assess the current state of your entire system, but they will be able to make recommendations for any possible cost-saving techniques of additions to enhance your new construction project and help cut costs over time as well. When you work with our team, we ensure our customers understand the value of rewiring or rebuilding your system as not only a smart investment for your property, but the ongoing benefits in terms of maintenance and adaptability in the every expanding technology industry. 


Task Energy Solutions and sister company Solar Supply of Colorado prides itself on partnering with the best solar panel providers on the market, and the way to utilize these energy powerhouses is to have a south-facing roof. This will allow your panels to capture the most amount of sunlight over the course of a day. Installing solar panels in Denver is an obvious choice, as the area receives an average of 300 days of sunlight per year.

By having a solar energy system installed from the start, you will be able to start saving on your utility bills immediately. Depending on the size of your roof and the amount of initial investment you would like to make, an individual may decide to go with an electric furnace as a way to completely power their home using solar energy.

Task Energy Solutions has vast experience installing new electrical components as part of the construction process. We work directly with builders and engineers to make certain that your new system is installed properly according to best practice principles. We are confident that you will be satisfied with the results, and guarantee our customers will be glad you they chose to work with our team during the construction phase.